Can The Sun Hurt My Trees?

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Too much of anything can be a bad thing. Just like humans, too much sun can be bad for trees, as well. Sounds silly, right? We all know trees need sunlight to grow and thrive, but too much sunlight can actually harm a tree.

A tree can get a “sunburn” just like you; there’s potential for the sun to cause permanent damage or even death in a tree. When a tree receives too much sunlight, it can develop sunscald. Sunscald damages the outer layer of the tree. A tree can develop spots and lesions, which can allow for other diseases to enter the tree. The bark, leaves, and fruit can be affected by too much sun. If a tree is really damaged by sunscald, the bark is affected to the point that the inner tissues of the tree are exposed. At this stage, it may not be possible for the tree to heal and survive.

Young trees and trees with thinner bark are more prone to getting sunscald. Sunscald makes it easier for fungi, bacteria, and insects to infest a tree. If a tree can no longer protect itself from such outside forces, the tree will decline, get sick, and even possibly die. There is no way to reverse sunscald, so your best bet is to prevent it from happening.

Can you protect a tree from sunscald? Yes, you can!. First off, you want to work with tree professionals to make sure the trees you currently have or want are appropriate for the climate you live in. You also want to make sure your trees are planted correctly for their needs.

You can protect your tree by finding ways to block or limit the sunlight with awnings or cloth wrappings for the trunks. You also do not want to over-trim a tree, because the branches and leaves help hide the tree from the sunlight. Plant trees in areas where they will get shade for part of the day. Make sure your trees are always getting enough water and fertilizer.

If you’re looking to protect your trees from sunscald or worried one of your trees may be affected by sunscald, call our certified team of tree experts to come out and assess the damage of your trees. We can let you know how much damage has occurred, and what you can do to prevent more damage from occurring.

If you want new trees planted, we can help you plan where the best place to plant the trees would be on your property to keep them safe from the sun’s rays.

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